Oznaka: LF

Laureate of the Federation, established in 1969, is named by the FIAV Board for making an outstanding, original contribution to the science of vexillology. This is the highest recognition in vexillology for scholarship. Beginning in 2003, the Board has chosen Laureates based on doctoral-level scholarship, and in 2017 the FIAV Constitution was amended to incorporate the Board’s practice into the Constitution. A Laureate receives a certificate signed by the Board and a medal bearing the central knot device of the FIAV flag suspended from a neck ribband of blue and yellow, the colors of the FIAV flag, as well as a miniature ribbon and a lapel pin. A Laureate may use the post-nominal LF. A Laureate is named only when there is a worthy recipient. http://fiav.org/laureates-of-the-fiav/

Sudjelovanje na 28. međuanrodnom veksilološkom kongresu San Antonio, Teksas, SAD

Predsjednik HGZD-a Željko Heimer sudjelovao je na 28. međunarodnom veksilološkom kongresu HEMISFLAG: 28 ICV održanom u San Antoniju, Teksas, SAD, od 14. do 20. srpnja 2019. godine. Najveći dio programa Kongresa održan je u najstarijem sanantonijskom hotelu St. Anthony, u organizaciji Veksilološke udruge Države Teksas (Vexillological Association of teh State of Texas, VAST) i Središta […]