Željko Heimer held a lecture at the DOR 2018 Conference, Tuheljske Toplice, 24-27.05.2018

Lecture by Heimer at the Dor 2018, Tuheljske Toplice

At the fourth family conference DOR 2018 organized by the Jewish Community of Zagreb, held in Tuheljske Toplice on 24 through 27 May 2018, the HGZD President held a lacture titled “History of Symbols of Jewish People and the State of Izrael”.

He presented the development of the Jewish symbols since the exodus from Egypt, the use of the sevenfold candlestick (Menorah) in the Temple and its fate after the Temple destruction, it significance as the Jewish symbol, the beginnings of the use of the Shield of David (Magen David) as a symbol of Jewish communities in Europe, and its spread through printed prayer-books in Prague, Vienna, Venice and Amsterdam. It was followed by the description of development of Zionist symbols and flags uniting the traditional prayer shawl (Talith) as a religious, and the Shield of David, initially as a secular Jewish symbol. Namely, the David’s “star” gained its religious connotations in a kind of parallel use to the Christian cross, and spitefully gained in importance after its misuse by Nazis. The lecture continued about controversies regarding the adoption of the flag of the newly established State in 1048, eventually the century old World Zionist Organization flag was selected, and of the Israeli coat of arms depicting the Menorah, olive branches and the inscribed state name.