»Večernji list« presents large posters of Croatian coats of arms and flags

Večernji list - posteri grbova i zastavaCroatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association proudly presents posters which are gifts of the »Večernji list« Zagreb daily newspapers  to their readers on Monday, 9 October and Tuesday 10 October. We gladly co-operated in their preparation, in accordance with ut statutory goals – promotion of heraldry and vexillology as scientific disciplines, and popularization of Croatian heraldic and vexillological heritage.

The pleasant invitation for co-operation by the »Večernji list« presented us with an opportunity to thus modestly mark the World Vexillology Day 1 October and the Croatian Independece Day 8 October.

We hope that in this way, with help of the »Večernji list«, we shall contribute to wider popularization of our national symbols and to education of public on their interesting and rich history. Certainly, popularization of heraldry and vexillology and preservation of our heraldic and vexillological heritage are two of or Association’s goals (the third one is, let us remind you, the advancement of the scientific disciplines).

Atthe same time, this was an opportunity to mark this year again, in some way, the World Vexillology Day, that we almost missed due to some other obligations we had. The day is marked since the last year, on the initiative of vexillologists and flag enthusiasts from the USA, and already last year it was taken up by dozens of national vexillological organizations world-wide. HGZD was among the first to do so. This year during its General Assembly held in London The International Federation of Vexillological Associations (FIAV) adopted this date as an opportunity for promotion of vexillology as a scientific study and for promotion of interest for flag reseach.


See https://www.vecernji.hr/vijesti/vecernji-list-daruje-velike-postere-hrvatskih-grbova-i-hrvatskih-zastava-1199292