»Vexillology« Column in »Hrvatski vojnik« (3), 2014

»Hrvatski vojnik« br. 453 (2014.)

»Hrvatski vojnik« br. 453 (2014.)

Following the series of 44 installments of the »Veksilologija« (Vexillology) column in 2012 i 2013 godini, Željko Heimer continued to write for the Ministry of Defence magazine in 2014 as well, with 26 new articles in the issues № 438 through 463. The articles are available in the  »Hrvatski vojnik« on-line archives, i.e. directly at the following links (here titles are translated to English for your convenience):

Greek Military Flags (106th Brigade HV “R” – Osijek) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4382014/veksilologija.asp

Portugal Military Flags (107th Brigade HV “R” – Valpovo) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4392014/veksilologija.asp

Romanian Military Flags (109th Home Defence Regiment – Vinkovci) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4402014/veksilologija.asp

Austrian Military Flags (110th Brigade HV “R” – Karlovac) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4412014/veksilologija.asp

Flags at Sea (111th Brigade ZNG RH – Rijeka) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4422014/veksilologija.asp

Flags at Sea in the Middle Ages (113th Brigade ZNG RH – Šibenik) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4432014/veksilologija.asp

Flags at Sea in the New Age (115th Brigade HV “R” – Imotski) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4442014/veksilologija.asp

What Does the Flags at Sea Show – Part I (Armed Ships Squadron – Dubrovnik) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4452014/veksilologija.asp

What Does the Flags at Sea Show – Part II (53rd Naval Landing Infantry Battalion – Split) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4462014/veksilologija.asp

Flags of the Deployable Communication-Information Systems Module (DCM) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4472014/veksilologija.asp

Military Flags at Sea (Admiral Flag of the Rear-Admiral Tegetthoff from the Battle of Lissa, 1866) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4482014/veksilologija.asp

Naval Flags of Belgium (121st Home Defence Regiment – Nova Gradiška) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4492014/veksilologija.asp

Bulgarian Naval Flags (123rd Brigade HV “R” – Slavonska Požega) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4502014/veksilologija.asp

Canadian Naval Flags (126th Home Defence Regiment – Sinj) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4512014/veksilologija.asp

Danish Naval Flags (127th Brigade HV “R” – Virovitica) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4522014/veksilologija.asp

Estonian Naval Flags (131st Brigade HV “R” – Županja) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4532014/veksilologija.asp

French Naval Flags (136th Brigade HV “R” – Podravska Slatina) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4542014/veksilologija.asp

French Civil Maritime Flags (132nd Brigade HV “R” – Našice) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4552014/veksilologija.asp

German Naval Flags (134th Homeland Regiment – Biograd) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4562014/veksilologija.asp

Greek Naval Flags (141st Brigade HV “R” – Split) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4572014/veksilologija.asp

Hungarian Naval Flags (144th Brigade HV “R” – Zagreb-Sesvete) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4582014/veksilologija.asp

Icelandic Naval Flags (145th Brigade HV “R” – Zagreb-Dubrava) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4592014/veksilologija.asp

Latvian Naval Flags (350th Diversion Squadron – Zagreb) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4602014/veksilologija.asp

The Scientific Symposium “Symbol, Identity and the Homeland War” http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4612014/veksilologija.asp

Italian Naval Flags (1) (143rd Brigade HV “R” – Ogulin) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4622014/veksilologija.asp

Italian Naval Flags (2) (33rd Engineer Brigade – Karlovac) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4632014/veksilologija.asp

(continued in 2015)