»Vexillology« Column in »Hrvatski vojnik« (2), 2013

»Hrvatski vojnik« br. 427 (2013.)

»Hrvatski vojnik« br. 427 (2013.)

Following the series of the 18 installments of the »Veksilologija« (Vexillology) column in 2012, Željko Heimer continued to write for the Ministry of Defence magazine in 2013. with 26 new articles in the issues № 412 through 437. The articles are available in the on-line arhivi »Hrvatskog vojnika«, i.e. directly at the following links (here titles are translated to English for your convenience):

National identity at the Military Flags in the Middle Ages (Independent Signals Company) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4122013/veksilologija.asp

Military Flags of the Landskechts (138th Home Defence Regiment – Delnice) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4132013/veksilologija.asp

Military Flags of the 17th century (130th Brigade HV – Osijek) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4142013/veksilologija.asp

Systematization of Military Flags in the 17th century (Command of the 4th Operational Zone of the Croatian Armed Forces – Varaždin) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4152013/veksilologija.asp

Regimentalization of Military Flags in the 17th century (2nd Home Defence Battalion – Nova Gradiška) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4162013/veksilologija.asp

Military Flags in the 18th century (24th Home Defence Regiment “R” – Varaždin) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4172013/veksilologija.asp

Military Flags from the Maria Theresia era (“Muzil” Training Centre – Pula) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4182013/veksilologija.asp

Military Flags of Joseph I. (Command of the Operational Area Osijek) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4192013/veksilologija.asp

Hapsburg Military Flags prior to Dualization (Command of the Operational Area Bjelovar) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4202013/veksilologija.asp

Flags of the Croatian Home Defence in Austria-Hungary (15th Anti_armour Artillery-Rocket Brigade – Križevci) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4212013/veksilologija.asp

Military Flags in the World Today (NCO School Jastrebarsko)

Military Flags of British Tradition (67th Military Police Battalion – Zagreb) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4232013/veksilologija.asp

Dutch Military Flags (Command of the 5th Operational Area of the Croatian Armed Forces – Pazin) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4242013/veksilologija.asp

Belgian Military Flags (Command of the 1st Operational Area of the Croatian Armed Forces – Karlovac) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4252013/veksilologija.asp

Danish Military Flags (Command of the Operational Area Karlovac) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4262013/veksilologija.asp

Swedish Military Flags (Operational Group Posavina) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4272013/veksilologija.asp

International Congress of Vexillology (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4282013/veksilologija.asp

Norwegian Military Flags (Command of the 3rd Operational Area of the Croatian Armed Forces – Knin) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4292013/veksilologija.asp

Flags of the Swiss Guard (Croatian Military Academy “Petar Zrinski”) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4302013/veksilologija.asp

Spanish Military Flags (4th Guard Brigade “Pauci”) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4312013/veksilologija.asp

German Military Flags (5th Guard Briagde “Sokolovi”) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4322013/veksilologija.asp

American Military Flags (7th Guard Brigade “Pume”) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4332013/veksilologija.asp

French Military Flags (9th Guard Briagde “Vukovi”) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4342013/veksilologija.asp

Reserve Briagdes’ Flags (103rd Brigade HV “R” – Krapina, 104th Brigade HV “R” – Varaždin) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4352013/veksilologija.asp

Finnish Military Flags (105th Brigade HV “R” – Bjelovar) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4362013/veksilologija.asp

Semiology of the Defensive Homeland War (Zadar) http://www.hrvatski-vojnik.hr/hrvatski-vojnik/4372013/veksilologija.asp

(continued in 2014. see The »Vexillology« column in the »Hrvatski vojnik« (3), 2014.)