The Stone Coats of Arms of Korčula 15th – 20th Century – New Book

A. i N. Fazinić: "Korčulanski kameni grbovi XV. - XX. stoljeća", Gradski muzej Korčula, 2011.

A. i N. Fazinić: “Korčulanski kameni grbovi XV. – XX. stoljeća”, Gradski muzej Korčula, 2011.

Split, (IKA) – The book “Korčulanski kameni grbovi XV. – XX. st.” (The Stone Coats of Arms of Korčula 15th – 20th Century) by Alena Fazinić and Neven Fazinić, published by the City Museum of Korčula, was promoted on 27th September in the HAZO Palace in Split during the manifestation “Book of Mediterranean”. Dr. Joško Belamarić, Marija Hajdić, the director of the Museum and prof. Dinka Radić, the book reviewer talked about the book. The promoted book is a valuable culturological, documentary, scientific and educative reading. The work is richly illustrated with over 400 photographs of the selected arms.

With the systematic work in Korčula and the surroundings, in churches and monasteries, the authors discovered a number of new arms, providing their value in the context of the national heraldic heritage and artistic expression.
For each arms they noted the affiliation, time of production and location, its style and quality of manufacture. A separate group is formed by the arms of the city of Korčula and the contributions for the heraldry of the church in Korčula, i.e. the arms of bishops of Korčula (29 arms, 10 bishops). The last group in the catalog consists of religious symbols and additionally found arms and IHS medallions.
The catalog is followed by a bibliography and a list of arms by affiliation, totaling with 373 stone arms of Korčula.
(translated from IKA – Informativna katolička agencija)