HGZD Web Site on www.hgzd.hr

Hrvatsko grboslovno i zastavoslovno društvo www.hgzd.hr

Hrvatsko grboslovno i zastavoslovno društvo www.hgzd.hr

The HGZD web site finally gets to the address www.hgzd.hr.

OK – so what’s odd about that? Well, nothing, but due to the Croatian regulations, we could not get this domain until we have completely finished registration process, which takes time, so that we “landed” here just now – and we are here to stay.

However, in the preparations for the Association establishment we could not have lived without a web site on which to publish to our potential members and those interested what is going on. Therefore we owe out special gratitude to Mr. Duško Štampalija, who kindly provided for us the domain www.hdzg.org for the temporally use, and who also helped us much in all organizational and technical details for the establishment and maintenance of the web site.

The web site at www.hgzd.hr are now hosted on the public server of the University Computing Centre SRCE. The SRCE, as a member of the Croatian Academic Research Network (CARNet), grants the web space on its servers to the non-profit associations that have proven themselves as providers of quality information that in general improve and increase quality of the information space in the Republic of Croatia. We are grateful to CARNet that they have recognized us and we hope to justify the confidence shown.