»The Coats of Arms of Cres Countryside« Exhibition in Zagreb

Jasminka Ćus-Rukonić: "Grbovi creskog ladanja"

Jasminka Ćus-Rukonić: “Grbovi creskog ladanja”

The opening of the exhibition »The Coats of Arms of the Cres Countryside« by the museum councellor of the Lošinj Museum Jasminka Ćus Rukonić, was held in the premises of the Zagreb Classical Gymnasium Society (DZKG) on 18 November 2013. The exhibition originally set in the Arsan Palac (The Cres Museum) from March to May 2013, was brought to Zagreb by the DZKG and the Croatian Herladic and Vexillological Association (HGZD). The exhibition was open in Zagreb until the end of the year.

S otvorenja izložbe Grbovi creskog ladanja, DZKG, Zagreb, 2013

With this exhibition we wanted to acquaint members of the two associations with the particular issues of the city and the island of Cres and the interesting heritage they preserved.