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»Vitezović« mjesečnik za genealogiju, biografiju, heraldiku i sfragistiku, Zagreb, 1903. – 1905.

»Grb i zastava« № 7 Issued

The spring issue of our journal »Grb i zastava« was published in the end of May and presented on the HGZD General Assembly on 25 May 2010. In the mean time it was sent by mail to our members, subscribers and to institutions and associations with whom we exchange publications. The № 7 of GiZ […]

New Armorial Book by Enver Ljubović

Enver Ljubović: Grbovnik Gacke, Krbave, Like, Senja i Vinodola, Senjsko književno ognjište i vlastita naklada, 2007., str. 432., A4, tvrdi uvez, color The new book by our productive author specialized in heraldry and genealogy of families from the region of the north Croatian Litoral and its mountainous hinterland, presents the coats of arms of the […]