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Acknowledgment by the Croatian-Turkish Friendship Association, 11.06.2019

Zahvalnica HTUP-a Željko Heimeru

On 11 June 2019 the Croatian-Turkish Friendship Association (HTUP) awarded acknowledgements on the occasion of 25th anniversary of its work, to thank institutions and individuals who contributed to the association’s work. Recognizing contribution in development of Croatian-Turkish friendship relations, thus brining closer understanding of Turkish and Ottoman flags to the members and friends of the […]

6th Lecture in the Cycle “Flags of European and World Countries” – Turkey, 23.11.2018

Predavanje "Turske zastave" u Hrvatsko-turskoj udruzi prijateljstva, 21.11.2018.

The 6th lecture in the cycle “Flags of European and World Countries” organized by the Coordination of Croatian Friendship Societies under auspices of President of the Republic, titled “Turkish Flags”, was held in the premises of the Croatian-Turksih Friendship Association in Zagreb on 23 November 2018.

»Grb i zastava« № 18 Issued

This year’s fall issue of our magazine »Grb i zastava« was just printed and our members may expect it soon in their mail boxes. Additional copes may be ordered through the Leykam International publishing house. From the contents we highlight: An exceptionally interesting presentation on the flag collection of the Museum of Slavonia, divided it […]

Lecture by M. Brstilo Rešetar in the Croatian Nobility Union, 8.4.2009

Organized by the Croatian Nobility Union, on Wednesday 8th April 2009 at 7pm in the Croatian Paneuropean Union, Jurišićeva Street 1a, Matea Brstilo Rešetar had a lecture titled “Coats of arms of military nobility – testimonies of wars against Ottomans”. The centuries of struggle against Ottomans left a lasting trace in the Croatian heraldry, enriched […]

Article by Matea Brstilo Rešetar in »Vijenac«

The respectable journal for culture, art and science »Vijenac« issued by the Matrix Croatica (Matica hrvatska), in its number 385 of December 4th, 2008, includes an article by Matea Brstilo Rešetar in its science section titled »Svjedočanstva ratova s Turcima« (Testimonies of the Wars against the Turks). The article explains the basics of the research on […]

Lecture by Matea Brstilo Rešetar at Salon Matice hrvatske, 27.11.2008

The secretary of out Society, Mrs Matea Brstilo Rešetar held a lecture titled Military Nobility Coats of Arms – Testimonies of the wars against the Turks on Thursday, 27 November 2008 at 18.30 h, Matica hrvatska, Strossmayerov trg 4. It is a very interesting lecture that she presented on the International Congress of Heraldry and […]

»Grb i zastava« № 3 Issued

The new issue of our journal »Grb i zastava« was printed and sent by mail to our members. The nr. 3 kept the same form as the previous, of 20 pages of A4 size with articles parallelly in Croatian and English language in full colours with numerous illustrations. You may read thereon the coats of arms […]