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President Heimer Explains Belarus Flags for HRT

Croatian national broadcasting company HRT published on its news portal on August 23, 2020 an article about flags that appear in connection with recent events in Belarus, which we transfer here translated https://vijesti.hrt.hr/646215/zasto-bjeloruski-prosvjednici-koriste-bijelo-crveno-bijelu-zastavu-umjesto-sluzbene Why are Belarusian protesters using a white-red-white flag instead of the official one? A frequent sight in the current protests in Belarus […]

11th Lecture in the Cycle »Flags of European and World Countries« – Poland, 20.5.2019

11. predavanje u ciklusu »Zastave zemalja Europe i svijeta« – Poljska, 20.5.2019.

  The 11th lecture in the Cycle »Flags of European and World Countries« organized by the Coordination of Croatian Friendship Societies and the Croatian-Polish Friendship Society, under auspices of President of the Republic, titled »Polish Flags« was given by the HGZD president Heimer in the auditorium of the Coordination on 20 May 2019.