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Monograph by Mate Božić and Stjepan Ćosić: »Croatian Coats of Arms – Genesis, Symbolism, History«

Mate Božić i Stjepan Ćosić: »Hrvatski grbovi - geneza, simbolika, povijest«

In the end of this February the newest monograph on Croatian historical land, national, and current sate heraldic symbols was issued. It is a richly illustrated work entitled “CROATIAN COATS OF ARMS Genesys – Symbolism – History”, co-authored by Mate Božić and Stjepan Ćosić. Extensive summaries in English and German were translated by Željko Heimer, […]

Participation in Annales Pilar 2009 Symposium

The Institute for Social Studies Ivo Pilar and the Institute for Research and Development of Defence Forces (IROS) of the Ministry of Defence organized their 10th interdisciplinary symposium with international participation “Annales Pilar 2009.” in Zagreb on 21 and 22 May 2009. The topic this year was “Security and Defence of the Republic of Croatia […]