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»Grb i zastava« № 6 Issued

The new issue of our journal »Grb i zastava« was printed and sent by mail to our members, subscribers and to institutions and associations with whom we exchange publications. The № 6 of GiZ has the usual 20 pages of A4 size with articles parallelly in Croatian and English language in full colours with numerous illustrations. […]

Promotion of Book »Grbovi i zastave Grada Zagreba« in Old City Hall, 20.10.2009

In the Old City Hall of Zagreb, Ćirilometodska 5, Zagreb, on 20 October 2009, the new book by Željko Heimer »Grbovi i zastave Grada Zagreba« issued by the Leykam International d.o.o. was promoted. The attendees were first greeted by the mayor of Zagreb Mr. Milan Bandić, as the host in the city hall, and then […]

Zvonimir Milčec Writes on the Zagreb Coats of Arms and Flags Book

In his regular column titled “Zagrebačka plava” (The Zagreb’s Blue) in the bi-weekly magazine Zagreb.hr (nr. 16, vol. 2, 16 May 2009), run in 400.000 copies and freely delivered to Zagreb households, the legendary Zagreb’s writer Zvonimir Milčec writes in his particular “purger” style on the book “Grbovi i zastave Grada Zagreba”. Entire PDF (in […]

Presentation of Book “Grb i zastava RH” in the Zagreb Archives, 14.10.2008

On Tuesday, 14 October 2008 at 17h in the State Archives in Zagreb, Opatička st. 29, in the Upper Town of Zagreb, a presentation of the book by Željko Heimer “Grb i zastava Republike Hrvatske”, published by Leykam International d.o.o. The series editor Prof. Dr. Neven Budak presented the book, followed by a lecture by […]

Book “Grb i zastava RH” Reviewed in “Hrvatski vojnik”

In the Ministry of Defense magazine “Hrvatski vojnik”, nr. 207 of 26 September 2008. an article by Domagoj Vlahović presents the book by Željko Heimer “Grb i zastava Republike Hrvatske”, Leykam International, Zagreb, 2008. Domagoj VLAHOVIĆ A New Book by Željko Heimer, Captain in the Croatian Armed Forces and renown vexillologist The Coat of Arms […]

Heimer’s Book Reviewed by Dubravka Peić Čaldarović in »Vijenac«

In the journal for culture and art of the Croatian Matrix »Vijenac«, nr. 375 of 17 July 2008, a review by Dubravka Peić Čaldarović of the book »Grb i zastava Republike Hrvatske« by Željko Heimer issued by Leykam International, Zagreb, 2008, was published. Vijenac 375 Heritage Željko Heimer, Grb i zastava Republike Hrvatske, Leykam International, […]

New Book »Coat of arms and Flag of Croatia« Promoted on the Solemn Session of Parliament

On the Solemn Session of the Croatian Parliament on 30 May 2008 celebrating the Parliaemnt Day, a new book by Željko Heimer titled »Grb i zastava Republike Hrvatske«, issued by publisher Leykam International from Zagreb, was promoted. The ceremonial Session was attended by the MPs accompanied with the highest state officials, representatives of the executive and […]