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Mario Jareb

Lecture by Dr. Mario Jareb on the occasion of the Croatian Flag Day, 05.06.2019

PredLast year the Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Asscoation (HGZD), together with the Croatian History Institute, the Croatian History Museum and the »Brethren of the Croatian Dragon« Society, held a ceremonial gala to start the initiative to establish the Day of Croatian Flag, as an official memorial day on 5 June, in memory of the date […]

Ceremonial Gala Marking 170 Years of the Croatian State Flag

Svečana akademija u prigodi obilježavanja 170. obljetnice hrvatske državne zastave, Zlatna dvorana Hrvatskoga instituta za povijest, Zagreb, 5. lipnja 2018.

The Croatian History Institute, the Croatian History Museum, the “Brethren of the Croatian Dragon” Society and the Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association (HGZD), organized a ceremonial gala marking the 170 years of the Croatian state flag. The gala was held in the Golden Hall of the Croatian History Institute, Opatička st. 10, Zagreb, on 5 June […]

Round Table on Heraldry at Kliofest History Festival 2014

HGZD members participated in the discussion panel titled “Symbols of Croatian Identity – on Coats of Arms, Heraldry and Historiography” as part of the History Festival “Kliofest 2014” organized by the Croatian National Board on History Sciences (Zagreb), Society of the Croatian History (Zagreb), National and University Library (Zagreb), Croatian State Archives (Zagreb), Union of […]

»Grb i zastava« № 8 Issued

The autumn issue of our journal »Grb i zastava« was published in the end of November and presented on the 6th HGZD Tribune on 7 December 2010. In the mean time it was sent by mail to our members, subscribers and to institutions and associations with whom we exchange publications. The № 8 of GiZ […]

2nd HGZD Tribune, 27.4.2010 – Mario Jareb

Our second meeting in 2010 as part of our Tribune was held on Tuesday, 27th April 2010 at 18:30 in the hall of Classic Gymnasium of Zagreb Society (DZKG), 44 Preradovićeva st., 1st floor. Lecture »Red or white – right or wrong?« by Dr. Mario Jareb, senior research assistant in the Croatian Institute of History […]

Book »Hrvatski nacionalni simboli« by Mario Jareb Promoted

A new book titled »Hrvatski nacionalni simboli« (Croatian National Symbols) by Dr Mario Jareb, senior research assistant in the Croatian Institute of History (HIP), was publicly promoted in the HIP ceremonial hall in Zagreb on 14 April 2010. Beside the author, the book was promoted by Stjepan Bekavac, editor in chief, the book reviewers Dr […]