Round Table on Heraldry at Kliofest History Festival 2014

Kliofest 2014

Round Table on Heraldry at the History Festival Kliofest 2014

HGZD members participated in the discussion panel titled “Symbols of Croatian Identity – on Coats of Arms, Heraldry and Historiography” as part of the History Festival “Kliofest 2014” organized by the Croatian National Board on History Sciences (Zagreb), Society of the Croatian History (Zagreb), National and University Library (Zagreb), Croatian State Archives (Zagreb), Union of Publishers of the Croatian Economy Chamber (Zagreb) and the Association for Publisher Rights Protection (Zagreb).

The panel was moderated by Dubravka Peić Čaldarović and Tomislav Galović, and it was participated by Mirjana Matijević Sokol, Stjepan Ćosić, Željko Heimer, Mario Jareb, Hrvoje Kekez and Tijana Trako Poljak.