Philatelic Exhibition at UFRI, Rijeka, 6 – 20 October 2023

The Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Rijeka (UFRI), the Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association (HGZD) and the Brotherhood of the Croatian Dragon Society (DBHZ) organized the Philatelic Exhibition “Postal Stamps of the Republic of Croatia with Statehood Motifs”, October 6 – 20, 2023 , in the UFRI lobby (Sveučilišna avenija 6, 51000 Rijeka).
The exhibition was set up at UFRI on the eve of the memorial day on October 8, which is marked as the Day of the Croatian Parliament, in memory of the day when the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia unanimously passed the Decision on the termination of all state-legal ties of the Republic of Croatia with the former state in 1991.
The exhibition was originally prepared as part of the program to mark the 175th anniversary of the Croatian flag on June 5, 2023, when HGZD and DBHZ organized a ceremony to present the postage stamps that Croatian Post published on the occasion at the initiative of HGZD.
Exhibition at two so-called philatelic showcases presents the aforementioned new postage stamps, as well as a selection of other postage stamps issued by the Croatian Post since 1990 with national motifs – depictions of coats of arms and flags and figures of important statesmen who played key roles in the realization of Croatian statehood in modern times. Interesting philatelic material (postal traveled letters) with a draconian theme, using the new issued stamps, prepared by philatelist Zoran Vlahović, and some materials of the Croatian Philatelist Association, whose president Julije Maras prepared the exhibition, were also displayed. The author of the exhibition is LTC Assoc. Prof. Dr. Željko Heimer, Master of Ceremonies DBHZ and president of HGZD.
This philatelic exhibition of is conceived as a traveling exhibition, which will be presented throughout the country in the coming period. It guest appearance at the Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Rijeka is the first where the exhibition is visiting after the presentation in Zagreb.