Permanent Museum Exhibition of Croatian War of Independence in Bjelovar Opened, 01.02.2019

Otvorenje Stalnog postava Domovinskog rata, 01.02.2019.

As part of the Night of Museums 2019 the Permanent Museum Exhibition of Croatian War of Independence was opened in Bjelovar. The exhibition is maintained by the Association for Preservation of the Croatian Military Tradition (DOHVT).

The exhibition includes more than 400 items in three groups.

The first one presents the beginning of multi-party system in Croatia, first conflicts and activities of the Ministry of Interior. Here one should highlight artifacts belonging to ex-Yugoslav Army personnel, the first war uniforms of the police and the complete collection of the police uniforms from 1990 until 1996.

The second group includes the official uniforms of the Croatian Armed Forces, its branches of service, the uniforms of the First Croatian Guard Corps, including their iconographic historical-traditional uniform, as well as the uniforms of the president’s adjutants and General Staff chiefs, generals Velibor Kikerec, Krešimir Kašpar, Mile Ćuk, Antun Tus, Zvonimir Červenko, and Petar Stipetić.

The final group presenst Bjelovar and the county in the War and items the defenders took back from the operations all over Croatian.

The exhibition was opened by the emissary of the President of Republic Ante Deur, emissary of the Government, assistant Minister of Croatian Defenders Dinko Tandara, emissary of the Speaker of Croatian Parliament Silvestar Štefović, emissary of the Minister of Interior, chief of police of Bjelovar-Bilogora Jakob Bukvić, emissary of the Chief of General Staff brigadier Marijan Cikuš, mayor of Bjelovar Dario Hrebak, while the guests of honor included also the president of Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Željko Heimer.