Paper on flags of Split issued in »Kulturna baština«

Kulturna baština, Split 46/2020

Kulturna baština, Split 46/2020

A paper by Željko Heimer was issued in the number 46 of the journal »Kulturna baština« (=City of Split Heritage Journal) for 2020.

The »Kulturna baština« journal is published since 1973 by the Split’s Friends of Cultural Heritage Society, providing papers on general history of Split and its surroundings, architecture, urbanism, archaeology, monument protection, art, music, literature and others. The journal is categorized as a scientific journal in A2 category, and it is referred in the CEEOL database.

The paper “Split Flags (1) – The Flags of the City of Split” presents the historical development of the city of Split identity as expressed through flags used as its symbols, representing the city as a self-governing units, making a strong element of the city identity and an important element of the entire national immaterial heritage. This is the first part of the two, presenting the flags used as the symbols of the city as a social community and an administrative unit. It brings more than thirty illustrations, mostly author’s drawings of flags from various periods, from flags shown next to Split in portolans (maritime navigational maps) in the 16th century, though flag reconstructions from descriptions from the 18th century, over the flags of the Croatized community after 1882, flags of large manifestations in the 1960s and 1970s, which used as templates for creation of the current city flag adopted in 1995.

The entire text of the published paper may be found at the Croatian scientific and professional journals portal Hrčak at SPLITSKE ZASTAVE (1) – ZASTAVE GRADA SPLITA (