New State Symbols in B&H

Emblem of Republika Srpska

Emblem of Republika Srpska

It seems that there is no lack of competitions for state symbols in the region, since on June 14th the Decision of the Constitutional Court of B&H (Odluka Ustavnog suda BiH, Službeni glasnik BiH 45/07) was finally issued in the official gazette annulling the coat of arms and the flag of the Federation and the coat of arms and the anthem of the Republic of Srpska.

The Republic of Srpska issued a competition for the coat of arms that was in the mean time closed, but the results are not known yet. Srpska is using an officially adopted temporary emblem in the mean time, until the adoption of the new coat of arms. The Federation of B&H has not yet issued the competition, although it was announced that it should be expected within a month. (Information thanks to Adi Mirojević.)

Updated 22.11.2014.

In the Federation the former coat of arms and flag were officially abolished with the day of validity of the Constitutional Court decision, on 14 June 2007, when they were also removed from official displays. A competition for some new symbols was not issued.

In the Republic of Srpska, the former coat of arms was removed from use on the same date, while already on 23 April 2007 an emblem was adopted with the Law (Zakon o amblemu Republike Srpske, Službeni glasnik RS, 49/07). No new coat of arms was adopted since, and the emblem is still used in place of a coat of arms.