New Papers by Peić Čaldarovrić

S veseljem možemo izvijestiti o radovima koji su upravo ovih dana izdani znanstvenim časopisima:

Peić Čaldarović, D. 2006. “Grbovi hrvatskog plemstva – činjenice kulturnog naslijeđa i identiteta“. Povijesni prilozi, br. 31. Zagreb, str. 87-100.

Subject review, presented on the scientific colloquium held in April 2006 in Zagreb, organized by Croatian Nobility Association and Croatian History Institute around topic “The Role of Croatian Nobility in preservation and maintenance of Croatian nationality and statehood“. The paper indicates the various aspects, potentials and values of heraldic material as a relevant historical source, as part of cultural heritage and as fact of the national identity. In this sense the author analyzes selected specimens of heraldic material from the funds of our museums and libraries and heraldic collections originating from historical Croatian lands, as well as from the newer heraldic literature, though three units ((1. The Basic Characteristics of the Coats of Arms from Heraldic Examples in Croatian Lands, 2. Occurrence, characteristics and significance of the oldest Croatian armorials, 3. Heraldic collections and and their significance). In the final part, she indicates the relevant elements for valorization of importance of family heraldry in the context of the overall national cultural heritage.

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Peić Čaldarović, D. 2005. “Heraldička građa kao izvor za povijest žena“. Historijski zbornik, br. 58(1), Zagreb, str. 1-14.

Preliminary note, issued within the thematic issue of the Historijski zbornik (Historical Almanac) devoted to the work of the Section for the history of women of the II. Congress of Croatian Historians held in Pula in 2004. The paper presents the relevan herladic principles particularly relevant to the specifical status of noble women within feudal, but also post-feudal society. In several chapters (1. Characteristics of the heraldic heritage, 2. Characteristics of the contents of armorial patents in context of the hsitory of women, 3. Heraldic differentiation of women with examples, 4. Link between the genealogic studies and the history of women) the author analyizes the gender characteristics of the primary herladic material – the coats of arms, the armorial patents and the genealogies. In the final part titled The significance of the heraldic material in the historical studies of genders, she highlights the extraordinary potentials of the genealogy towards the historical and interdisciplinary studies.

The Historijski zbornik is available at until 1992, and at Hrčak since 2008, unfortunately, the 2005 volumes are not yet on line.