New Papers by Heimer

We gladly report on papers issued recently in the scientific journaly:

Heimer, Ž. 2006. “Vojno-pomorske zastave na Istočnom Jadranu“. Polemos, br. 18, Zagreb, str. 43-61.

Original scientific paper, issued in the journal for interdisciplinary research of war and peace of the Croatian Sociological Association, is a slightly shortened Croatian version of the paper presented on the XXI. International Congress of Vexillology in Buenos Aires in 2005. The paper presents the development of the use of flags indicating state affiliation of war ships in Eastern Adriatic through history, presents the documented use of flags on ships in medieval period and then through chapters continues with presentation of naval ensigns of the Hapsburg Empire until 1786, From 1786. until dualization, of the Austria-Hungary 1869-1918, of the State of SHS, 1918, of the Kingdom of SHS/Yugoslavia, of the Independent State of Croatia, of the National Liberation Army and Partisan Squads of Yugoslavia, of the Socialist Yugoslavia and of the Republic of Croatia.
Along with the text it is issues 14 tables with 83 illustrations, mostly in colours, among which 33 drawings of various naval ensigns.

See at Hrčak, the integral text as PDF (4 MB, in Croatian)