New Book by Amer Sulejmanagić: »Coat of Arms of the Counts Kurjaković of Corbavia«, DAG, Gospić, 2017

Amer Sulejmanagić »Grb knezova Kurjakovića Krbavskih«, DAG, Gospić, 2017

Amer Sulejmanagić »Grb knezova Kurjakovića Krbavskih«, DAG, Gospić, 2017.

TheState Archives in Gospić issued recently a book by Amer Sulejmanagić on the coat of arms of the most important magnate Croatian family of 14th, 15th and 16th cnetury, lord of Corbavia of the Gusić gens, family line of Kurjaković. The influence of this family in European scope remained often ignored in local historiography, while in the period armorials they are often titled as the counts of Corbavia as well as the counts of Croatia.

Their coat of arms, which they retained from teh ancient gens of Gusić, gules three barrulets argent ensigned with a goose proper, which is sometimes also crowned, symbolizing their office of the protectors of the crown of St. Stephen, some theories propose as a possible partial inspiration for the Croatian chequy shield, which starts appearing in teh Habsburg heraldry by the end of the 15th century. In any case, some of the armorials use the Corbavia coat of arms to identify as arms for the entire Slavic lands between Sava and the seas.

Amer Sulejmanagić is a senior officer for architectural heritage in the Institute for protection of cultural-historical and natural heritage of the Canton of Sarajevo, architect and master of medieval history, author of numerous catalogues of museum coin collections and number of numismatic scientific papers, which necessarily brought him to heraldry.

  • Foreword,
  • Introduction,
  • Kurjaković of Corbavia Heraldry,
  • Sources for the Kurjaković of Corbavia Herladry – Seals and Gravestone,
  • Sources for the Kurjaković of Corbavia Heraldry – Foreign Armorials,
  • Herladic Analysis of the Sources,
  • Analysis of Historical Data from the Armorials,
  • Supplemental Sources – Coats of Arms of Kinsmen – Coats of Arms of other Branches,
  • Heraldic Analysis of Supplementals Sorucves – Coats of Arms of Kinsmen,
  • Coats of Arms in later General Armorials,
  • Conclusions,
  • English Summary,
  • Sources of Illustrations,
  • Sources,
  • Literature

Grb knezova Kurjakovića Krbavskih.

(in English: Coat of Arms of the Counts Kurjaković of Corbavia)

Author: Amer Sulejmanagić
Publisher: Državni arhiv u Gospiću (State Archive in Gospić)
Series: Prilozi za povijest Like, knjiga 20. (Contributions for the History of Lika, vol. 20)
ISBN: 978-953-7034-31-3
Nr of pages: 64
Nr of illustrations: 34
Year of Issue: 2017 (printed in February 2018)
Binding: paperback
Dimensions: 17 cm × 24 cm (6.5″ × 9.5″)
Run: 300 copies
Price: 50 kn (ca. 7€)