NAVA 56, St. Augustine, Florida 2022 Annual Meeting

North American Vexillological Assocation (NAVA) held its 56th annual meeting in Saint Augustine, Florida, as a combined personal presence and on-line streaming participants joined through videolinks. The annual meeting in St. Augustine was originally planned as NAVA 54 for 2020, after the 28 International Congress of Vexillology San Antonio, Texas, that was also the NAVA 53. However, because of the pandemic, the annual meetings NAVA 54 and NAVA 55 in 202 and 2021 were held virtually only, and the St. Augustine meeting was postponed twice – finally held on 17 to 19 June 2022.

The meeting was opened by the NAVA president Peter Ansoff who called upon FIAV President Željko Heimer for opening remarks to participants gathered in person and on-line. On the previous evening a traditional Preble Lecture (after admiral George Henry Preble, 1816-1885, US Navy office, the first US flag historian) was held, this time in two parts: Charles Tingley “St. Augustine Flags Throughout the Ages” and Alison Simpson “Florida’s First Muster, and the Controversy and Conservation of Florida Flags”.

A dozen of lectures followed by experienced and recognized vexillologists from NAVA, as well as those younger and new members, opening some new topics and approaches to research of various flag aspects. The meesting also included the “vexibits” – an informal “show-and-tell” flag-related stories and displays of flags of interest.

The final night ended with the so called Whitney Smith Dinner (after W. Smithu, 1940-2016, “father of evxillology”) with NAVA recognitions awarded, including the long-standing NAVA member David B. Martucci was named a honorary member.

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