Lecture on Norwegian Flags, 28. 6. 2022.

Heimer Norveške zastava 28.06.2022The 18th lecture in the “Flags – Identity of Peoples and Countries” cycle was held in the Coordination of Croatian Friendship Societies (KHDP) as the 1603 KHDP tribune event. The cycle is held under the auspices of the president of Republic Zoran Milanović, and it is continued with this even after a longer break  due to pandemic and earthquakes that damaged the KHDP halls.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Željko Heimer, president of the International Federation of Vexillological Associations (FIAV) and president of the Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association (HGZD) held a lecture “Norwegian Flags”. He acquainted the auditorium with the historic development of flags from the Viking period until today in various periods of the Norwegian history. Their changes indicate particular events of the Norwegian long lasting history. Heimer also showed flags used i the navy and colors of armed forces units, particular flags of some state services and institutions, development of Norwegian counties, that have seem some particular administrative dynamics in the last few years, as well as the flags of the largest Norwegian cities, indicating particularities of the Norwegian municipal heraldry and vexillology.

Heimer Norveške zastave slajd izložba 2005LTC Dr. Heimer took the topic of Norwegian flags beofre, so in 2005 he prepared an exhibition marking the centenary of the Norwegian independence, that was set up in the Croatian Ministry of Defence Gallery Zvornimir, and it was eventually hosted in some two dozen places in Croatia and Norway. He wrote on Norwegian flags in Croatian and foreign vexillological journals and he held several lectures.

After the Heimer’s lecture, the auditorium was addressed by the ambasador of the Kingdom of Norway in the Republic of Croatia, H. E. Mr. Haakon Blankenborg, thanking to the interesting lecture showing the Norwegian historic and present day identity, but he also added some curios observations on how the Norwegians are using the flag. Heimer i Backendberg 28.06.2022.He highlighted that the Norwegian regulations are meant for the state services only, and that citizens are not bound to them, but they may use flag as they like. However, the fact is that majority of Norwegians voluntarily withholds these regulations on hot to use their flag. Norwegians also gladly hoist flags in days that are of particular importance to them – whether it be a wedding, a christening of a child or even for welcoming of an esteemed guest in their home, however, flags are not some everyday objects to be found everywhere, as in some other countries.