Lecture by Željko Heimer: »Flags of Šibenik«, Šibenik City Museum, 04.04.2018

Lecture by Željko Heimer »Flags of Šibenik«, 04.04.2018

Lecture by Željko Heimer »Flags of Šibenik«, 04.04.2018

On 4 April 2018 in the atrium of the Šibenik City Museum, Željko Heimer held a lecture titled »Flags of Šibenik« for the audience of about fifty citizens, who had the chance to learn about some almost entirely unknown medieval flags of their city and to remember the design of flags in use in the city and surrounding municipalities, as well as other flags (sports, shipping, cultural…) that have every right to be called flags of Šibenik. From the author’s introduction:


Already the oldest illustrated and written sources testify that civic communities used their symbols even before written history – some of these symbols being flags. Šibenik is no exception, and one can trace back documented use of its flags at least eight or nine centuries. These have an exceptional, even in a way central, place on maritime navigational charts all up to 16th century. In the modern period, we record  a whole spectrum of various flags that are rightfully named flags of Šibenik. With great pride we highlight among them the flags from the Croatian Homeland War, while in the recent years the city was granted some new flags to be left for future generations to be proud on.

The lecture was noted in all key local media – TV Šibenik, Radio Ritam and two city web portals Šibenik.In and Šibenski portal, which we copy (no English translation):