Lecture by M. Brstilo Rešetar in the Croatian Nobility Union, 8.4.2009

Organized by the Croatian Nobility Union, on Wednesday 8th April 2009 at 7pm in the Croatian Paneuropean Union, Jurišićeva Street 1a, Matea Brstilo Rešetar had a lecture titled “Coats of arms of military nobility – testimonies of wars against Ottomans”.

The centuries of struggle against Ottomans left a lasting trace in the Croatian heraldry, enriched with new specific symbols since the second half of the 15th century. The lecture presents the results of heraldic, historic and artistic analysis of coats of arms of military nobility from the armorial by Ivan von Bojničić and the collection of the Croatian History Museum (HPM). The classification and typisation of the figures of Turks as heraldic charge is also an attempt for clearer determination of the Croatian heraldic terminology in this topic.