Lecture by Željko Heimer at Salon Matice hrvatske, 16.5.2013

Predavanje Željka Heimera na Salonu Matice hrvatske, 16.5.2013.

Lecture by Željko Heimer at the Salon Matice hrvatske, 16.5.2013.

On 16 May 2013 Željko Heimer held a lecture in the Great Hall of the Matica hrvatska as part of the Salon Matice hrvatske series, titled “Some Characteristics of the Contemporary Croatian Municipal Herladry”.

The lecture covered the actual moment of research of the modern Croatian municipal heraldry as the most important and largest of the three fields of so called live herladry (besides the ecclesiastic and the so called “dragon” heraldry) appearing currently in Croatia. Besides the coats of arms adopted and approved in accordance with the legal procedures, coats of arms are used ignoring it, as well. A kind of a public register of the coats of arms of counties, cities and communities researched by the lecturer and published in last 16 years, http://zeljko-heimer-fame.from.hr is the largest publicly available data source on these arms.