HGZD supports the initiative for marking of the World Vexillology Day – October 1

Wolrd Vexilology Day - October 1

Wolrd Vexilology Day – October 1

The Portland Flag Association (PFA) recently started an initiative to designate the October 1 as World Vexillology Day and invited other vexillological associations to support the idea and join in marking the World Vexillology Day already this year.

The World Vexillology Day is envisaged as a celebration of flags and their study (vexillology), organized by participating flag studies organizations and institutions.

Vexillological associations are invited on that day to promote their goals in public, to organize various events, from lectures, round tables, public flag hoistings and other manners they find appropriate.

According to the International Federation of Vexillological Associations (FIAV), “The birthday of modern vexillology is commonly recognized to be the publication of the first issue of The Flag Bulletin [the first flag studies journal] on October 1, 1961 by Gerhard Grahl and Whitney Smith.”

The initiative is supported by a number of vexillological associations, with the central web site at vexiday.org and the Facebook page at World Vexillology Day.