Heraldic Exhibition by Zvonimir Gerber in Karlovac, June – October 2019

Exhibition Zvonimir Gerber "Habsburški korijeni...", Karlovac, 28 June 2019

Exhibition Zvonimir Gerber “Habsburški korijeni…”, Karlovac, 28 June 2019

The exhibition “Habsburški korijeni šahiranoga polja karlovačkog grba” (Habsburg roots of the chueqy field of the Karlovac coat of arms) by Zvonimir Gerber, was set in the castle Dubovac  in Karlovac, opened on 28 June 2019.The exhibition was made part of the Starry Summer 2019 festival marking the 440 anniversary of the City of Karovac.

The exhibition presents origins and early examples of the Croatian chequy coat of arms, its use in the modern period, questioning the “eternal” issue of the tincture of its first cheque, including its use in the city arms of Karlovac. Zvonimir Gerber, previous head of the Draconian Heraldic Office of the Society of Brethren of the Croatian Dragon, presents on some thirty large posters an overview of historical actualities on teh Croatian coat of arms, providing a large number of high quality illustrations from various sources.

For Croatian heraldry it is , probably, most important that the exhibition is accompanied with richly illustrated catalogue on more than 100 pages, published by the Karlovac chapter of the Croatian Matrix, which is also available in electronic format at the Chapter site http://www.matica-hrvatska-karlovac.hr/29-home/75-habsburski-korijeni-sahiranoga-polja-karlovackoga-grba

The exhibition remains open until 15 October 2019 every day from 10 to 20h, except on Mondays and holidays.