Heimer received BHVS honorary membership certificate

During the 29 International Congress of Vexillology in Ljubljana 11-15 July 2002, HGZD president Željko Heimer received a honorary membership certificate from Alexander Alexiev, chairman of the Bulgarian Heraldic and Vexillological Society (BHVS). Heimer was named a BHVS honorary members already in 2009 for his research of Bulgarian military and civil flags used on seas and on land, and their publishing on the Flags of the Wolrd (FOTW). Heimer provided support and initiative for BHVS to become member of the international umbrella organizations FIAV and CIGH. Although multiple meetings between Heimer and BHVS members in previous years, the modest ceremony of the certificate delivery was held only on this occasion. Heimer often proudly emphasize his honorary membership in BHVS and was glad to receive the certificate.