»Grb i zastava« № 15 Issued


A new issue of our magazine »Grb i zastava« was printed these days and our members may expect it soon in their mail boxes. Additional copes may be ordered through the Leykam International publishing house. From the contents we highlight:

On the front page photographs from the Restrospective Exhibition of the International Art Flags Festival and the symposium Semiology of the defensive Homeland War held in cooperation with the University of Zadar on 5 December 2013. In this number a new part of the heraldic lexicon by Dr. Galović, a report from the HGZD Annual Assembly, Mr. Ljubović writes on the Sertić family from Lika.
It is my pleasure to present you article of our new collaborator, Mr. Kramberger who find his heraldic and vexillological inspiration in his archaeological work. We point out to the doctoral thesis of Mrs. Trako Poljak, and more…

The table of contents of this and previous issues see at »Grb i zastava« – Contents.