»Grb i zastava« № 11 Issued



The spring issue of our magazine “Grb i zastava” was printed these days, after a minor delay from planned, and our members may expect it soon in their mail boxes. Additional copes may be ordered through the Leykam International publishing house. From the Editorial we highlight:

As we enter HGZD’s seventh year, we present to you the new issue of Grb i zastava. Our common passion and love have produced yet another interesting and educational volume of the bulletin proudly delivers historical and contemporary topics from Croatian and world heraldic and vexillological heritage.

From the contents you may see here in dexter, I would like to point out the new column – the Croatian Heraldic Lexicon, initiated by Dr. Galović, in which we will publish articles on eminent Croatian heraldists, on heraldic sources – anthologies and armorials, and on heraldic terminology. I invite you to join us in the common effort by sending your submissions.

From the new book by Peić Čaldarović, MSc. and Academic Stančić, which we wrote about in the previous issue, we now provide selected parts on an interesting topic that has often been ignored. Our colleagues from Senj and Rijeka provide some interesting articles, and we follow up on the Zagreb art flags festival’s visit to Australia. Finally, as usual, we look into some recent publications and events. Do not miss informing us of your published works and achievements.

I take this opportunity to express my thanks to Ted Kaye, editor of NAVA’s journal Raven, who kindly found time to help proofread and copy-edit the English text.

It will be our pleasure to learn how you like the bulletin; to hear your remarks, ideas, and wishes. We would be happy if you join us at our monthly Tribune. If you are not receiving our newsletter by e-mail, please send us your address at hgzd@hgzd.hr

And finally, enjoy reading GiZ,
Željko Heimer