»Grb i zastava« № 34 Issued

GiZ 34The № 34 of »Grb i zastava« was printed, in its Volume XVII, soon to be posted to subscriber addresses. Additional copies of the GiZ you may order from Leykam International. We copy here from the »Editorial«:

Dear Reader,

An editor is considered lucky if the
hardest task he has is to write the editorial.
The GiZ editor may be considered among such lucky ones, having an excellent team writing, reading, correcting, translating, proof editing, and doing many other small tasks that one has to do to make a journal appear in your hands. Here is an opportunity to express my gratitude to all of them.
This year HGZD proposed and helped
bring to fruition the issuance of postage stamps marking the 175th anniversary of our tricolor. We organized a nice celebration to present the issued stamps and are promoting them further through a small philatelic exhibition on coats of arms and flags. Part of this issue of GiZ is dedicated to these events as well as others our Society coordinated this summer and autumn, such as the promotion of the Split maritime flags catalog and the Cress heraldic heritage book.
For this issue, Mate Božić has prepared an article on examples of the oldest composed coats of arms of Croatian lands.

We also present the second part of Zoran Peran’s paper on Kružićs from Klis and the third part of an article on flags from the Homeland War collection in Bejlovar,

written by the collection’s custodian Marin Sabolović.
We also offer, of course, continued
columns on medieval flags: Matija Horvat starts the story of flags at sea, and Nikša Kuščić offers another paper on nobility, this time on the Salamunićs from Brač. Tomislav Galović presents in his Lexicon heraldic artist Milan Sunko, whom I myself have researched over the past several years to rescue from unwarranted oblivion. TrakomPočhak provides us an analysis of controversial flag use in Qatar Football Cup.
The Ministry of Science and Education has supported the GiZ publication in
previous years by covering expenses such as printing and distribution that exceed the funding provided by our donor base. But this year the Ministry published a different call for co-financing of science popularization journals, encapsulated with the financing of general various activities of science and science poplarization associations. By reorganizing co-funding system, I’m afraid that these kinds of publications, including our GiZ, shall get the short end of the stick.
Whether we are able to maintain the printed issue under these new circumstances remains to be seen, but we shall surely do our best — which sounds like some kind of heraldic motto: Que será será!
I hope you enjoy reading GiZ,

Željko Heimer

The table of contents of this and previous issues see at »Grb i zastava« – Contents.