»Grb i zastava« № 31 Issued

The № 31 of »Grb i zastava« was printed, in its Volume XVI, soon to be posted to subscriber addresses. Additional copies of the GiZ you may order from Leykam International. We copy here from the »Editorial«:

Dear Reader,

I hope you are still well and healthy. It appears that the consequences of pandemic, earthquakes, and even war in Europe, have finally reached us, and attentive readers shall notice that this time we do not have the HGZD Chronicles column, since we have not much to include in it. You shall read elsewhere about what we did, and do not dare to think that we
were idle.

There is the 29th International Congress of Vexillology in Ljubljana, in our neighborhood this year, postponed from the last. In spite of all circumstances, I hope that the closeness shall enable participation of more delegates from Croatia and that we shall present ourselves nicely. However, we have decided to use the opportunity to invite at least some of the congress delegates to pop by to Croatia as well, being in the vicinity. Therefore, we are organizing a small, single-day international meeting in Rijeka, where we shall present on a small fraction of Croatian vexillological heritage and, I hope, prove to be good hosts.
See more about it on the back cover of this volume.

Among the regular, already expected contributions, Galović presents us the heraldic opus of Academician Stančić, Kuščić writes on the coat of arms of the Jelinić family of Brač, Todorović brings the tenth  installment of his analysis of portolan vexillology, Peran presents an important coat of arms omitted from the Bojničić’s armorial book, that made it rather obscure. After presenting numerous depictions of battles from the 16th and 17th centuries, Horvat discusses an interesting phenomenon he noticed, on the use of the pennon as a kind of livery in Croatian magnates’ military units. Our Bulgarian colleague Antonov reports to us from last year’s heraldic congress in Madrid, where he represented us at the CIGH General Assembly, since none of our members was able to attend this time. Nazor Čorda presents retrospective
exhibitions of the Art Flags Festival. Sulejmanagić points us to some interesting international links in the Illyrian Armorials. We follow new coats of arms of new (arch)bishops and new publications.

We are looking forward to the Ljubljana congress and to continuing our companionship in Rijeka!

I hope you enjoy reading GiZ

Željko Heimer

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