»Grb i zastava« № 27 Issued

We proudly announce that, in spite of all misfortunes happening in this 2020, the new booklet of our journal »Grb i zastava«, number 27 in its Volume XIV, at 36 pages, was issued from the printing press these days. Additional copes may be ordered through the Leykam International. publishing house. From the »Editorial« we copy:

In the previous issue editorial I mentioned the “ominous” superstition linked to the 13th volume of our journal, which produced no catastrophe. Unfortunately, entering the 14th volume with this issue, things look entirely different. This 2020 shall be remembered for a global pandemic of unseen proportions that
managed to stop the entire world for several months. We in Croatia, i.e. in Zagreb, will also remember 2020 for the devastating earthquake that hit the old city center particularly hard. The combination of the two, and so many other factors, led to numerous heraldic and vexillological events, both in Croatia and abroad being postponed or cancelled, but I dare say that that did not affect our researchers’ productivity. You may find some of the fruits of their labors in the pages of this issue.

Aside from the articles you expect in GiZ, this time I would like to emphasize the paper by our Norwegian colleague Engene, who introduces us to developments in the Norwegian municipal heraldry, which is being greatly changed, on one hand due to deregulation of the strict heraldic norms, and on the other due to a thorough administrative-territorial reorganization of the state. Norwegian municipal heraldry had been a “schoolbook” example of a traditional heraldry restituted – will it remain so?

Of the continuing articles, Galović brings us the Trogir heraldist Buffalis, while Sulejmanagić shares an interesting flag from a Sarajevo museum. Todorović presents flags of Adriatic cities which appear less frequently in portolans, while Horvat continues his review of flags shown in depictions of the 1593 Battle of Sisak. The story provided by Kuščić touches many aspects of Croatian society before, but also today, through the coat of arms of the Vancaš family. Equally interesting is a story on a particular steamship from Rijeka brought to us by Pelles. Dobrica introduces us to a recently available tool for research of Croatian-Slavonian nobility heraldry, which might revolutionize our efforts in a way that has not been seen since Bojničić.

HGZD is immensely pround on the opportunity to be a co-publisher of the monograph on Kalnik nobility, and your editor finalized his Israeli monograph. Read comments on both written by reviewers. At closure of the issue we received sad news on the passing away of Prof. Kolanović, a creator of contemporary Croatian municipal heraldry. We will miss him dearly.

In this unpredictable and strange world we live in, I hope first of all that you to remain healthy and happy, and as usual, I hope you enjoy reading GiZ,

Željko Heimer

The table of contents of this and previous issues see at »Grb i zastava« – Contents.