»Grb i zastava« № 25 Issued

The number 25 of our bulletin »Grb i zastava« is issued in its 13th volume with 36 pages. Additional copes may be ordered through the Leykam International. publishing house. From the »Editorial« we copy:

There is no sweeter feeling for an editor –
and at the same time no more bitter one – than
having more high quality text in hand than the space in the journal allows. Thus I faced the difficult choice of what to leave for the next issue.

Our faithful readers may notice that this time we are missing the next installment of Todorović’s series on portolan flags. This is not
because the author did not prepare it, but because he gracefully agreed to defer it to the autumn issue. However, these flags, made available recently from digitized pearls of medieval cartography, open new insights to many fields of symbolic identity history, as hinted in Božić’s article. And Todorović is not the only
one to have material deferred.

We are happy to present Barić’s paper on the Thirty Years’ War flags, and with particular pleasure we reveal some “hidden” secrets of Sarajevo museums by Amer Sulejmanagić. We continue Galović’s series on Croatian heraldists and Horvat’s series on flags from battles. As usual, we follow the International Art Flags Festival, held last year for the tenth time. Kuščić has prepared another interesting article on Dalmatian nobility heraldry. Likewise, Kramberger supplements his previous paper on
an excavated ring with another similar discovery. Our Hungarian colleague Pelles writes more on his research on the Rijeka
shipping industry and its flags during the Hungarian administration period.

Among new publications, we examine a rare new book coming from B&H, the important catalog of the Split exhibition, and a special issue of Croatian Review on heraldry. Galović again reports on excellent graduate theses, some of which we hope to present someday in the New Books column.

Finally, I am particularly pleased (because I have been doing much of similar research myself) with Vitez’s paper, which may well serve as an example of a methodological approach to research on contemporary municipal coats of arms and flags.

The new column Flashes, which we introduced in the last issue, had to share the destiny of other articles waiting until autumn, but I am very grateful to all who submitted their texts and ideas, and I ask you again to call our attention to interesting events and materials in the media and other issues that you think should
be shared with our readers here and abroad.

And, as usual, I hope you enjoy reading GiZ,

Željko Heimer

The table of contents of this and previous issues see at »Grb i zastava« – Contents.