»Grb i zastava« № 23 Issued

The number 23 of our bulletin »Grb i zastava« is issued in its 12th volume with 36 pages and a poster inlay. Additional copes may be ordered through the Leykam International. publishing house. From the »Editorial« we copy:

These are exciting times for Croatian heraldry and vexillology. Since the last GiZ, more papers and monographs were written than we can present in a single issue. The dreams of the HGZD’s founders are being realized – through years of tenacious effort by Society members and journal collaborators, through interest expressed by publishers and readers, and through vigorous scientific dialogue (on matters about which many were convinced that all to say about them had
already been said by our predecessors at the end of the 1800s). If I have managed to inspire in you only a fraction of that excitement I feel, I am content!
Our diligent “columnists” continue their work – Galović with his thirteenth installment on Croatian heraldists, Todorović with his
third item on flags on portolans, and Horvat with his second presentation of Croatian flags in battles. That doesn’t even count Kuščić, whose contributions come “irregularly”, which is understandable, due to the time needed for his research (careful readers will note that this is his fourth story on arms of nobility). Buovac provides us with a third note on municipal symbols of his region. This is thus an opportunity to call upon our other collaborators, and those yet to collaborate, to join in the presentation of our rich heraldic and vexillological heritage which we are leaving as patrimony of today for future generations to cherish. Further on, we present a new vexillological curiosity
recently installed in Zagreb. We include other items on our Society activities, as well.
Finally, Jareb reminds us of an important anniversary. On that occasion, joining forces with the Croatian History Institute, the
Croatian History Museum, and the Society of Brethren of the Croatian Dragon, the HGZD is organizing a ceremony on 5 June 2018. As
institutional caretakers of Croatian history and heritage, we have asked the Croatian Parliament to proclaim the Day of Croatian
Flag as an annual memorial to mark the anniversary of the first “official” flying of the flag in 1848.
As usual, I hope you will enjoy reading GiZ,
Željko Heimer

The table of contents of this and previous issues see at »Grb i zastava« – Contents.