»Grb i zastava« № 21 Issued

Recently we published number 21 of our bulletin »Grb i zastava« in its volume 11. Additional copes may be ordered through the Leykam International. publishing house. From the »Editorial« we copy:


Following two anniversary issues, both with expanded page counts, our usual 20-page format may look somewhat meager, at first glance. However, I hope that you will agree that even after a cursory review, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

With our front cover we announce a new series by our diligent colleague from Zrenjanin, who collects data on late-mediæval
and early-modern maritime charts and for some time has considered the flags on them.

We publish another regular article by Tomislav Galović for the Lexicon of Croatian Heraldists – this time around he presents the biography and work of Ruić, a Croatian heraldist from Pag.

Diana Nazor writes again about art expressed on flags flying throughout the center of Zagreb. Then the new curator at the Croatian History Museum, Mislav Barić, describes some artifacts from the collection, theresponsibility for whose care he recently inherited from Jelena Borošak Marijanović.

And with some more odds and ends, the number is already full.
As usual, I hope you will enjoy reading GiZ,

Željko Heimer

The table of contents of this and previous issues see at »Grb i zastava« – Contents.