From the 9th HGZD Annual Assembly

The Ninth HGZD Annual Assembly was held electronically, by exchange of e-mails. The HGZD President gave the annual report for 2014 and the plan for the coming year. The most important item on the agenda was the statutory amendments, which had to be made due to the legal changes in Croatia. The HGZD Statutes were already in conformance with the new legal requirements, therefore also minor corrections in the old text were made (correction of the HGZD English name, details in the description of the existing seal), and the electronic sessions of the Assembly were now explicitly included in the Statutes. Also, after the legal requirements, the institute of liquidator was included. The new Statutory Decision and the consolidated text of the Statutes shall be published on the web site when the decision of the competent office for register of association becomes final.