Exhibition »Coats of Arms of the Pag Nobility«

Izložba »Grbovi paškog plemstva«

Exhibition »Coats of Arms of Pag Nobility«

The exhibition “Coats of Arms of the Pag Nobility” is opened in the Assembly Hall at the 1st floor of the Rector’s Palace in Pag from 15 to 30 July 2017. It may be seen every evening from 20 to 23h. It presents 40 coats of arms of the Pag noble families and old depictions of the city of Pag. The exhibited coats of arms may still be found as stone-carved reliefs on facades in the old city and in the 1784 manuscript armorial book of the notary and chronicler Marko Lauro Ruić, where he showed them as black and white drawings in style of later centuries. The exhibitions presents these coats of arms fully recoloured and redesigned, presented in accordance with the heraldic rules and based on their descriptions and material traces. The presented style matches the period from the 14th to the 16th century, when these arms first appeared. The exhibitionio is educational and informative, presentng the rich heritage of the city of Pag. The autor is Heraldic art Rijeka, under patronage of the City of Pag, and it is part of the “Pag Cultural Summer 2017” festival.organized by the Center for Culture and Information in Pag.

(adapted from http://pag-centar.hr/izlozba-grbovi-paskog-plemstva/ 15.07.2017.)