Competition for Design of Coat of Arms and Flag of the Community of Podbablje

The Community of Podbablje in the Split and Dalmatia County issued on 12 December 2014 a Public Invitation for Proposal for Ideal, Artistic and Graphical Solution of the Coat of Arms and the Flag of the Community. The competition is open until 18 March 2015. See details at Općina Podbablje. To HGZD members who send their proposals to the competition, we wish much success.


Svečana zastava Općine Podbablje, 2015.

Ceremonial gonfalon of Podbablje, 2015.

Updated 14.07.2017:

Ater openining of the submitted proposals on 24 March 2015, it was decided that none of the 8 designs “symbolizes notabilities and characteristics o fthe community” and the competition was repeated with a new deadline on 13 September.

On 9 October 2015 a design by Branimir Jonjić,depicting in front of white sky green mountains over a dark blue three-arched bridge over light blue water and a dark blue proteus swimming to sinister and in the chief between two yellow bunches of grapes a blue inscription “1705L” as it appears above the doors of the St. Luke church in Kamenmost. The flag is blue with the yellow bordered coat of arms in the centre. The ceremonial flag is a blue gonfalon ending triangularly with yellow fringe with the coat of arms in the centre, the community name in a line and an arch above and vine branches and bunches of grapes ornament in the base.

No information so far if the Ministry of Administration approved the design.

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