Commemorative Book of the 170th Anniversary of Croatian Tricolor Issued

Spomenica 170. obljetnice hrvatske državne zastave | Commemorative Book on the Occasion of the 170th Anniversary of the Croatian National Flag

Four years ago, four national institutions engaged in the research and preservation of the national symbolic heritage, each in its own way: the Croatian Historical Museum (HPM), the Croatian Institute of History (HIP), the Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Society (HGZD) and the Society of Brethren of the Croatian Dragon (DBHZ) declared 5 June as the Day of the Croatian Flag. Namely, on that day in 1848, during the installation ceremony, Ban Josip Jelačić was presented with his installation ban flag, as the first officially used Croatian tricolor. On the occasion a joint Proclamation on the Croatian Flag Day was published, and a ceremonial academy was held in the Golden Hall of HIP, where the original Jelačić flag, which is normally kept in the HPM, was specially exhibited, and on this occasion, under the honor guard of members of the Honorary Company of the Honorary Protection Battalion of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia (the ceremonial unit of the President of the Republic) in their recognizable ceremonial uniforms. The musical accompaniment between the speeches was provided by the Academic Male Choir of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) of the University of Zagreb, under the direction of maestro Josip degl’ Ivellio, with a collection of revivalist vigils and patriotic songs of the period.

Commemorating that event, the four institutions jointly published the “Commemorative Book of the 170th Anniversary of the Croatian State Flag 5 June 1848 – 5 June 2018” The publication was edited by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Željko Heimer, HGZD president, and since a year ago also Master of Ceremonies and Herald – chief of the Draconian Heraldic Office of DBHZ, Dragon of Butchers Gates. In addition to many photos from the event, the book contains the text of the Proclamation on the Croatian Flag Day, the program of the ceremonial academy and the complete texts of the welcoming speech of the then director of HIP, Dr. Jasna Turkalj and addresses on behalf of other organizers: Mateja Brstilo Rešetar, director of HPM, now Dragon of Grič VI, Prof. Dr. Nevio Šetić, Dragon of Istria, then Grand Master of DBHZ and LTC Heimer, as HGZd president. They are followed by the addresses of the high patronage representatives, MSc. Renata Margaretić Urlić, envoy of the President of the Republic, Dr. Tomislav Sokol,  envoy of the Speaker of the Parliament and MSc. Zvonimir Frka-Petešić, envoy of the Prime Minister. They are followed by the texts of scholarly papers by M.Sc. Jelena Borošak-Marijanović, HPM, museum adviser retired, by Dr. Mario Jareb, Dragon of Jurjevgrad at Tribunj, HIP, today head of the DBHZ Historical Section, and again by Dr. Heimer. At the end, there is a list of compositions performed by the FER Academic Male Choir, and especially a facsimile of the scores of the vigil song “Croatian flag” by Vilim Just, performed for the first time after many years especially for this occasion. In the second part of the Book, all the texts are given in English translation, which brings this edition closer to the international scientific and professional audience, as well as to Croats in the diaspora. The graphic design was skillfully done by Stjepan Bekavac, and the publication was printed in the Sveučilišna naklada (University Press) in an edition of 500 copies.

Title: Spomenica 170. obljetnice hrvatske državne zastave 5. lipnja 1848. – 5. lipnja 2018. : spomenica svečane akademije u prigodi obilježavanja 170. obljetnice hrvatske državne zastave, Zlatna dvorana Hrvatskoga instituta za povijest, Zagreb, 5. lipnja 2018. | Commemorative Book on the Occasion of the 170th Anniversary of the Croatian National Flag 5 June 1848 – 5 June 2018 : Commemorative Book of the Ceremonial Event Celebrating the 170th Anniversary of the Croatian National Flag, Golden Hall of the Croatian Institute of History, Zagreb, 5 June 2018
Editor: Željko Heimer
Publisher: place, year: Hrvatski institut za povijest, Hrvatski povijesni muzej, Družba “Braća Hrvatskoga Zmaja”, Hrvatsko grboslovno i zastavoslovno društvo: Zagreb, 2022.
ISBN: 9789538335075 (HIP), 9789536046768 (HPM), 9789536928316 (DBHZ), 9789535916338 (HGZD)
Binding: paperback
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 17×24 cm (6.5″×9.5″)
Price: 15 EUR
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