Book Promotion: The Flags of Israel

Text and photos Slavica Šarović, Portal for National Minorities of Croatia English translation: HGZD.

From the promotion of the Flags of Israel book by Željko Heimer 03.12.2019

From the promotion of the Flags of Israel book by Željko Heimer 03.12.2019

The book Zastave Izraela/The Flags of Israel by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Željko Heimer, LF, FF, promoted on 3 December at 19h in the Jewish Community of Zagreb auditorium, is particularly interesting because a Croatian author considers flags of another country, in itself being rather unusual globally. The book was presented by the author and the reviewers Assistant Professor Tijana Trako Poljak, head of the Social Ecology Chair at the Sociology Department of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Assistant Professor Tomislav Galović, head of the Auxiliary Sciences of History at the History Department of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

–We are presenting the book by a respectable heraldist. Željko Heimer, provides a valuable contribution to the Croatian historiography, but also to sociology and other social sciences. It is special because it is the first book of this kind of contents encompassing heritage of another country and another people. We have to mention that, even if flags are much older phenomenon that coats of arms, the vexillology as a science researching flags is relatively younger, being less than seventy years old, and in Croatian even much younger. Only the last twenty years Croatia entered vexillological research, thus this book provides large contribution not only to Israeli, but world literature. The book is issued in Croatian and in English bilingually, thus being presented to world audience. Author invested much effort in the book, because writing on flags of a foreign country is large and demanding task that need to be ecircled, somthing Heimer have done sucessfully with the book – Galović said.

Heimer researched for the book last 14 years, and he was elected president of the International Federation of Vexillological Associations.

–The book provides different aspects of Israeli flags, staring with the national flag, that started some 150 years as a flag of the World Zionist Organization. Besides, he presents other flags used by the state: military, maritime, and other organizations. An entire chater presents the flags of cities and municipalities, and the book ends with presentation of flags of political parties, which are very dynamic in Israel and using numerous imaginative flags – Heimer stated.

The promotion was organized by the Jewish Communiy of Zagreb and the Miroslav Šalom Freiberger Cultural Society.


The book »Zastave Izraela / The Flags of Israel« may be ordered from the publisher the Jewish Community of Zagreb

Title: Zastave Izraela / The Flags of Israel
Author: Željko Heimer
Publisher, place, year: Židovska općina Zagreb, Zagreb 2019.
ISBN: 978-9-536800-21-6
Binding: paperback
Page: 132
Dimensions: 26×20 cm (10″ × 8″)
Price: 100 HRK (ca. 13.50 €)