A Review of Heraldic and Vexillological Periodicals Published

We published a review of journals, magazines, newsletters, bulletins, and other periodicals of heraldry, vexillolgy, and related fields.

The review is starting with 150 periodicals issued world-wide, providing with the title and sub-title, and if necessary the English translation, the data on the publisher, language(s) in which the journal is published, the year of the first issue, and if its is discontinued, the year of the last. There ar also data on annual issuing frequency, the standard serial publication number (ISSN), the FOTW bibliography signature, the amount of pages and format. If available, the address of the journal presence on the Web is provided, where complete or partial archive or index of papers is issued. Other notes may be included as well.

The review is made using the HGZD library and archives, the Flags of the World bibliography http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/bib_main.html, catalogues of national libraries and other relevant sources. Some (especially heraldic) periodicals are still not included.

HGZDinvites its members, but also all other heraldic and vexillologic researchers who have information on perofessional periodicals to send us their additions and corrections to hgzd@hgzd.hr.

See the review here: Heraldic and Vexillological Periodicals or above in the menu Sources.