A New Thematic Number of »Hrvatska revija« on Heraldry

Hrvatska revija 2019-1

Hrvatska revija 2019-1

»Hrvatska revija« (Croatian Review) is a journal of the Croatian Matrix (Matica hrvatska) covering social and cultural issues. The journal was established in Zagreb in 1928 and issued until 1945. It was reestablished in 1951 in Buenos Aires, and since 1991 it has again been issued quarterly in Zagreb under the Matrix.

The latest number of Revija has the heraldic heritage of Croatia as its main topic, with leading Croatian researchers writing nearly forty pages with a number of high-quality illustrations. Assistant Prof. Tomislav Galović introduces the topic with a review of the heritage and research into it in Croatia, followed by an article by Prof. Mirjana Matijević Sokol on armorial letters as historical sources. Prof. Stjepan Ćosić writes about the Korjenić-Neorić armorial and the so-called Illyrian Heraldry, followed by a report by Ladislav Dobrica, MSc, on heraldic sources in the Croatian State Archives. Matea Brstilo Rešetar, MSc, describes the rich heraldic and sphragistic collections in the Croatian History Museum, and Amer Sulejmanagić, MSc. presents the coats of arms of the Counts Kurjaković Krbavski, a major Croatian magnate family in the period when Habsburgs were elected to the Croatian throne. In his article Assistant Prof. Hrvoje Kekez presents the coats of arms of the Dukes Babonić, while Dr. Željko Heimer leads us into modern Croatian municipal heraldry as a contemporary reflection of the heritage we’ve inherited. Finally, on that topic, Assistant Prof. Ivan Botica presents his work on the creation of the coat of arms of the Community of Otok as a case study and example of work in applied heraldry.

»Hrvatska revija« is without doubt the most widely read cultural magazine in the country and therefore the best promoter of our heraldic heritage and the role of our Society in caring for it (all of the authors are prominent member or collaborators in our journal »Grb i zastava«). Thus this issue is directly compatible with our Society’s stated goals and makes us immensely happy.

»Hrvatska revija« may be acquired in the book store at Matica hrvatska, Matičina 2 – Strossmayerov trg 4, Zagreb, ordered at hrvatska.revija@matica.hr or at the journal web site http://www.matica.hr/hrvatska_revija/. Price 30 HRK (~4€).