6th HGZD Tribune, 7.12.2010 – Jasminka Ćus Rukonić

6. tribina HGZD, Jasminka Ćus Rukonić, 07.12.2010.

6th HGZD Tribune, Jasminka Ćus Rukonić, 7.12.2010.

Our 6th Tribune was held on Tuesday, 7th December 2010 at 18:30 in the premises of the Zagreb Classical Gymnasium Society (DZKG), 44 Preradovićeva street.

Mrs. Jasminka Ćus Rukonić, the museum advisor of the Cres and Lošinj Musuems held the lecture »The Coats of Arms on the island group of Cres – Lošinj«.

The richest in coats of arms, especially those stone-carved is the city of Cres (with over 200 examples), followed by the town of Osor (ca. 70). individual examples are found also in smaller towns, but heraldic heritage may also be found in today deserted shepherds’ homesteads and villages. The majority of the coats of arms are family arms, those of the three historically largest families of Cres and Osor: Petris, Draža and Bocchina. They were mostly produced in the period between 13th until the end of 18th century during the Croato-Hungarian and then Venetian government.
The large changes that happened in political and general plain in 19th century influenced the heraldry as well, so the coats of arms are acquired by smaller tows of Beli, Merag and Sveti Jakov, village of Nerezine and the cities of Mali and Veli Lošinj.

Mrs. Ćus Rukonić recently prepared an exhibition on the Osor Cathedral’s coats of arms.

At the beginning of the Tribune, as a sign of gratefulness for the hospitality and cooperation during 2010, the HGZD President presented a clock with the coat of arms of Zagreb to the DZKG President, Dr. Mira Hercigonja Szekeres.

During the Tribune the 8th issue of the “Grb i zastava”, the HGZD journal was promoted.