5th HGZD Tribune, 2.11.2010 – Ladislav Dobrica

Our fifth Tribune was held on Tuesday, 2nd November 2010 in 18:30 in the premises of the Zagreb Classic Gymnasium Society (DZKG), Preradovićeva street 44, 1st floor.

Mr. Ladislav Dobrica, head of the Section for Older Archival Records in the Croatian State Archives (HDA), held us a lecture titled »Heraldic Sources in the HDA«.

In the lecture he provided us with an overview of the heraldic sources in the HDA, i.e. he introduced us with the HDA records connected with coats of arms. The lecture was divided in two parts: the first one reviewing sources for the history of the coats of arms of the Kingdom and the counties,m while the second part was regarding the heraldic sources of the family arms.