4th HGZD Electoral Assembly, 25.5.2010

4. izborna skupština HGZD-a, 25.5.2010.

4. izborna skupština HGZD-a, 25.5.2010.

The 4th HGZD Electoral Assembly was held on 25 May 2010 in the premises of the Zagreb Classical Gymnasium Society (DZKG), at 18:30. The Assembly was attended by two dozen members and friends of the Association. The HGZD President held the Annual Report reminding the auditory on the achievements and events organized or participated by the Association, since it was established four years ago until today, highlighting the last year.

The goals that we set upon us on the Establishing Assembly in 2006, ie. the membership in the international heraldic and vexillological associations and establishing cooperation with akin domestic and foreign organizations and institutions were achieved. The Association members participate regularly on the international heraldic and vexillological congresses. The Association achieved certain level of recognition in the wider society and among professionals, our web site and our journal are mentioned and quoted in scientific papers, our activities were financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Zagreb City Office for Culture (regretfully, this year, due to the recession, this support was discontinued).

Our members issued a number of monographs with heraldic and vexillological topics, only in 2009 three such books were issued and similar trend may be seen in 2010. Comparing that with generally sporadic publications issued during 20th century, and noting the significant increase of interest for these topics among authors, publishers and readers, we believe that we may conclude that the activities of our Association are supporting our statutory goals to enhance, promote and preserve this segment of our national heritage.

During 2009 our members held a dozen of public lectures as part of various fora, cultural and scientific institutions in the country, and by starting of our Tribune this year, we believe that with the regular lectures and meeting we shall be able to promote our work further.

Our journal “Grb i zastava” was excellently received both in the country and abroad. Bilingual texts in it directly contribute to popularization of Croatian heraldic and vexillological heritage among foreign experts, but also among descendants of Croats abroad. In the 7 issues of the journal so far, during 4 years, on 20 pages each with numerous colour illustrations, 25 authors from 9 countries published 75 articles while the journal is delivered regularly to some hundred addresses in 30 countries world-wide.

The four-years mandate of the Association leadership – the Presidency Board and the Court of Honour – expired this year, so the Assembly held elections for the next mandate. The members attending the Assembly elected unanimously the same leadership for the next mandate.

Finally, after the formal part of the Assembly, the HGZD Secretary held a short presentation of the new issue nr. 7 of “Grb i zastava”, that reached the Assembly directly from the printing press.

4. izborna skupština HGZD-a, 25.5.2010. 4. izborna skupština HGZD-a, 25.5.2010. 4. izborna skupština HGZD-a, 25.5.2010.