New Book – Jareb: From Checkerboard to Tricolor

Mario Jareb’s monograph From Checkerboard to Tricolor:
Development and Use of the Croatian Coat of Arms and Flag Throughout the Centuries was recently published in two editions – Croatian and English. It provides a concise but scientifically based review of the history of the Croatian coat of arms and flag—a compendium of all the important aspects of the subject written for a wider audience.
The book is divided into 10 chapters that deal with different periods and aspects of the development and use of the Croatian coat of arms and flag. Jareb provides an overview of not only the development of these symbols but also the previous research and knowledge on the issue, from the introduction of the first national coats of arms to the use of today’s national symbols, which are also state symbols of the modern Republic of Croatia and of the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With
regard to several author’s previously published works on the topic, this book presents amendments based on scientific knowledge discovered later, rectifies common errors from earlier historiographic and popular
publications, and provides some new theses on the national coat of arms and flag that provide the foundation for new research. Jareb pays special attention to the controversies that accompany the modern use of some versions of the Croatian checkered coat of arms, especially that with the initial white field.

This focus makes the monograph especially relevant given the continuous debates in Croatia and internationally regarding the appearance in public spaces of different versions of the Croatian national symbols. Jareb also includes commentary about Austria’s recently announced ban on the display
of the Croatian checkered coat of arms with an initial white check.
The monograph is supported by numerous sources and literature, and in keeping with the purpose and scope of the publication, is richly
illustrated. The English edition is particularly important as it provides information about the history of the Croatian national symbols to the
worldwide Croatian diaspora, including thirdand fourth-generation Croats who may not speak Croatian but have an interest in preserving their national conscience. This book may help to raisethat awareness. The English edition also offers the international professional community the first consolidated review of the history of these symbols th without the ideological frameworks of the 19 and th 20 Centuries. We anticipate that Jareb’s work will become not only a popular Croatian souvenir,
sought after in public libraries and reading rooms at home and wherever Croats may live abroad, but
also an esteemed volume in the scientific and professional libraries of many institutions.

Titles: Od šahovnice do trobojnice: Razvoj i uporaba hrvatskoga grba i zastave kroz stoljeća /
From Checkerboard to Tricolor: Development and Use of the Croatian Coat of Arms and Flag Throughout the Centuries
Author: Mario Jareb
Publisher: place, year: Hrvatski svjetski kongres – Croatian World Congress; Hrvatski institut za povijest – Croatian Institute of History: Zagreb, 2022.
ISBN: 978-953-48326-8-4 (hrv) 978-953-48326-9-1 (eng)
Binding: paperback
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 24×17 cm (9.5″×6.5″)
Price: 100 HRK ~14 EUR
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