27th International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences, St. Andrews, Scotland, 2006

XXVII. ICGHS St. Andrews Scotland

XXVII. ICGHS St. Andrews Scotland

The most important herladic event this yeas is no doubt the 27th International Congress of Genealogica and Heraldic Sciences (27th ICGHS), to be held in St. Andrews, Scotland, 21st to 26th August. Such congresses are held biannually to gather about 300 experts from all over the world.  More on the congress this year read at www.congress2006.com.

For the HGZD that has just been established, it was too soon to prepare for the Congress, but that does not mean that our members were idle before the establishment of the Association, so they prepared themselves for it. Croatia shall be represented there by at least two of our members: Ivan Mirnik with paper titled “The Order of the Dragon as reflected in Hungarian and Croatian Heraldry” and Dubravka Peić-Čaldarović with the paper “Modifications of Croatian State Heraldry during the 20th century“. We wish them success on the Congress and we expect a full report when they return.

The HGZD encourages its members for participation in the Congress, even though it may be very short time for preparations. In any case, we ask those who plan to participate to let us know.

A bit more on the ICGHS COngresses see at ICGHS on Wikipedia. The next Congress is in 2008 in Quebecu, when we hope to send a larger “crew”. Anyway, in the odd years a somewhat similar International Congress of Vexillology is held, next year in Berlin, XXII. ICV – FlagBerlin 2007.